2011 Holiday Mini-Sessions

Written by Debbie on October 19th, 2011

We’ve had so many of you asking about mini-sessions! So we are happy to let you know we’ve decided to do them again this year. We have lots of fun ideas planned at a beautiful park in Willow Glen. You’ll have several images to choose your favorite from! Email me at debbie@kaikaibean.com to book your session!


Jackson in Los Gatos

Written by Debbie on September 23rd, 2011

My good friend Deb was in town from Chicago a couple of weeks ago. She wanted me to take photos of her son, Jackson. But he was so not into getting his picture taken. A 6-year old boy — that’s normal! He wasn’t falling for any of my tricks so it was a short and sweet session. But we got some good ones. And we definitely got a lot of different expressions!

tough guy

showing me his karate moves

finally a sweet face



Pardini Shoot

Written by Denise on August 17th, 2011

Hey All,

Katie asked me to post this one special for the Pardini and Schorr Familes.  If you would like to order an image, please send me the image number, size of print and your email address. I will get back to you with the pricing.

Prints can be ordered in Black and White or Color. If you would like to view and it is not posted here in the color style you want, email me the image number and whether you want to view in Black and White or Color.

Please click on the thumbnail to view the full image.

Hope everyone enjoys the pictures!! Have a great day.




Aquaphor is the miracle healer for photoshoots.

Written by Denise on July 27th, 2011

I do not know how many times I have had to edit out little scratch marks, drooling redness, rashes, etc from babies’ faces.  We do not charge for this editing so it is all done out of the sweetness of my own heart.  (← Need to say with Southern Accent)  A couple of weeks ago we had a photoshoot postponed a week of my nephew Zack.  He is five months old and loves to scratch!!  His face was, I think I used the term, “jacked up”.  I am a stay at home mom and watch my sister’s kids during the day to make some extra cash. I decided that I wanted to see if the healing powers of Aquaphor would work on Zack’s face. I use Aquaphor for Rocco’s eczema, diaper rashes, drooling marks and pretty much any skin condition that comes up.   I have to say, the following week when the shoot took place he was a new baby!! His face was flawless, well there was one mark, but one mark is a lot quicker to remove then ten.  It was amazing. I am always trying to save time in editing and this will be my new trick with the babies, as long as I can get the mommies on my side.

By the way, I did do some color enhancements but did not remove any marks from Zack’s face.



Zack By KaiKaibEaN Children's Photography


Have Gwen Stefani style your kid!!!

Written by Denise on July 22nd, 2011

For each shoot we always get asked similar questions the main one being, “what should I dress my kid in?”  This question is hard to answer because a lot of times really cute boutiquey places are soooooo pricey.  There are a few, fun and cheap clothing designers for kids, but for the most part we are paying way too much.

So just when I thought I could not get more excited about cheap kids clothing then Amy Coe I hear that Gwen Stefani is designing a line for Target coming out this fall!! Yay. I love her L.A.M.B. line and think her kids are always dressed super cool.  The line starts at $3.99 and caps out at only $29.99.  Plus, for the first time, she will be designing for the guys.  With a two year old boy and another boy on the way I am super stoked.  I find boy clothes are ok, but definitely not as fun as girl clothes. Thank god I have a ton of nieces to get my girl clothing fix on.  Maybe this new line will turn me on a little bit more.   Look for in Target stores November 2011!!!



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PS…Now I am stuck on the LAMB website and obsessing.